My Fever’s Gone!


Hello!  My apologies for my absence. I was holed up in my rec room with a severe case of Olympic fever! It happens like this every two years; summer and winter.  The symptoms come on quickly, last for just over two weeks and then, slowly, the fever fades.

I am suddenly surprised with how much free time I have! 🙂  If I think about it, I suppose I  should be concerned with how much time has been lost cheering on our Canadian Olympic athletes; but I was not alone.  So, I’m not going to give the time spent a second thought!

Every two years Canadians come together in the spirit of the Olympic Games.  For those two weeks, we are brothers and sisters and we wear our red and white every day. Our small talk is about last night’s events and the medals won, lost or…dare I say it? …taken! During the Olympics, we Canadians get a break from discussing the weather and have a valid excuse for staying inside when it is only -7C without the windchill!

Today is the first day, since the GOLD MEDAL HOCKEY GAME, that I didn’t suddenly awake at 4 am to catch “Live” coverage of the games. Evidence that my fever is definitely gone.  Now I must make the effort to get back to my usual routine, which includes making regular posts here.

I hope you’ll join me as I pick up where I left off on my 100-Day Challenge experience.

(Ta Ta For Now)