Making the Best Sweet Lemonade.


If you have me on Facebook or Twitter, you will know that this week has been a bit of a hurdle for me. But, “eeess oK!”  I, like many of you, have had to maneuver through emotional land mines this week.  Unfortunately, I allowed myself to take a hit and suffered the consequences.

Now, without getting all Psychology 101 on you, let me just say, in a weak moment, I accepted an invitation to a “pity party” and I showed up wearing my best party dress!  That’s right, I surrendered to my insecurities and allowed others to dictate my level of happiness.

How, you may ask, does this relate to my “100 Day Challenge”? Well, let me say that along with physical well being, emotional well being is a very large contributor to our overall physical health.  

So, moving forward, let me just take a moment and send a shout out to friends and family that stand firmly with me (you) and know me (you) well enough to know when my (your knees are buckling under the everyday stresses.  YOU, family and friends, are my heroes when I fall into this pit and you take the time, even through social media, to extend a hand up and out. XOXO

Will I go into detail about my struggles? Heck no!

Suffice it to say that I am aware that; a) I am not alone and b) stuff happens to people everyday – even worse than what took me down – and they survive!

I’m a survivor! And you can be, too!

“Tears are the safety value of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it .” ~Albert Smith


Take the time to have a good cry. Feel the hurt, release it with words  (preferably in a private journal)  and tears.  A good cry cleanses the soul and strengthens the resolve!

The truth is, everyday living “is what it is” and it is within our power to choose to make the best darn lemonade with the lemons we have been given!

And all these things – friends/family, self-dialogue and release – my friend, are the ingredients to making sweet lemonade for life!

I wish you health, wellness and sweet lemonade!



3 thoughts on “Making the Best Sweet Lemonade.

  1. I posted something I thinks fits your situation “When someone is nasty and treats you poorly, it says nothing about you, but it says a lot about them.”

  2. I love how you took something negative and put a positive spin on it!
    Some days are harder than others but always remember there are people out there that care about you! Stay positive! 🙂

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