100 Days…..

I read this article in the Hamilton Spectator, “What Can You Do in 100 Days” and it got me to thinking that I could take that challenge myself.  Now, that’s not to say that I’ll be posting videos anytime soon — mostly because I haven’t mastered that topic yet in my Social Media course — but anything is possible! 😉

My motivation to accept this challenge is my daughter, Olivia.  She is living in Spain this year.  She is experiencing the Spanish culture and language working as an au pair.  I am going to visit her in May and I certainly do not want to arrive in Barcelona looking like a house frau!  So the 100 Day Challenge caught my attention at the perfect time!

My Challenge
My goal to reach in 100 days is a leaner, healthier me and learn enough Spanish to converse with Olivia’s host family and make our way down the Spanish Riviera!

Game Face ON!
And so, on January 18, 2014, I began my 100 Day ChallengeImage
Yep! That’s me, in -7C (-14C wind chill) setting out for a 1/2 mile walk. Yeah, I know I’m Canadian and should be using metric in all things measured but I was in Grade 4 when the law was passed and I consider myself metric-imperial ;).

My 100 Day Challenge ends April 27, 2014.  Whew!! My flight leaves May 13! Now, where did I put my Spanish book?



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